¨Flying Hope of a Global Peace based in Natural Water Flow¨

martes, 9 de abril de 2013

If Bigger Watersheds were the Countries of our World

If Nations were the Bigger River Basins of our Planet
We would call it World Water Wisdom!
Watersheds of our Planet with Political Division Limits backgrownd in white

Invitation to the Dream of a Watershed World
What if Bigger River Basins of our Planet were the Countries of the World instead of the actual arbitraty political division?
Menaced by the undesirable impacts of climate change and contamination derived from overpopulation and progress with inadequate understanding of fragility and vulnerability of spaces, our specie is unveiling fast the significance of Pure Water.
Actually we are growing concerned about it´s essential significance, including  Her philosophical and mysitical capabilities, and sorry to speak about Her when talking of Water -. We understand more clearly that She has reached very high price in supermarket, and we are understanding that we must protect Her, save Hher, and maintain Her clean. And that to maintain Her clean, we must keep clean and open for Her flow, the spaces that she crosses.
If in the past we were so understood and faithfull about our Celestial Father the Sun, of whom there´s no doubt, because is Him who brings days and nights to our existence, it is clear that somewhere we lost the Celestial Route of Water.

 Water is example in all the wide spectrum of the meaning and perspective. Example of the entire range from weak to strong. A flowing paradox. Only being capable of flying, penetrating and motioning all the spaces and beings we share. She can drown as well as releif thirst. Example of ductility, flexibility, softness, integrity, weakness, power and strongness.

¨Weak things can exceed strong.
Nothing can be compared to Water so soft and weak, but when attacks, proves to be far more powerful  than strong¨  says Lao Tse

but before he had spoken of Water Humility:

¨The Highest KIndness is like Water. Water favors everything because does not search for power. It remains in places where others disdain. This is why Water is like Tao¨.
This is a dream with the purpose to understand and view the contrasts between our planet and our world.
 We understand that the planet is the natural sphere composed of a wide diversity of positions, weathers, spaces and environments, and the World as the Human Perspective, Tendency and Development of the surface of the Planet, quite different focuses indeed.
Weather of the Planet
The dream is to imagine a humanity based growing in countries divided by the natural boundaries that water flow provides, instead of the war resultant actual political limits.

 Althou respected and recogniced those that feel now patriotism for their countries and so for those who fought for their foundation and sustentation, we must begin recognicing that the Celestial Route of Water we lost in the past derived in the arbitrary creation of actual nations, in part related to each particular cultural native demands, growth, anxieties and developments, without understanding and learning of the importance and significance of the natural boundaries She produces, boundaries that include the root of still remaining strong native cultures, boundaries that hold the areas of particular flow characteristic that determine those diverse native cultural particularities we know and distinguish today. 

Religions of the World

Makes it more complex the recent evolution of planet integration with the ¨discovery of América¨ and the significant influence of latest off  shore empires and cultures over the smaller and less stronger nations around the planet.

Could Watershed Countries become a better and safer base than actual countries to sustain and maintain the whole feeded, including the native cultures of the world preserving them from globalizative massification?
This is an invitation to analice together the contains and resources of each big river basin of our planet so to infer what level of equilibrium and prosperity we could bring for human kind if we were contained in country watersheds instead of our actual political countries.
Could Watersheds become the best Natural Unit to change Political Inequality?
Could Watershed nations releif social, ethnical, faith and political tensions born of our actual national divisions?
Who Knows?

But we can imagine… and we can study and compare. Who knows if in future centuries this could not be a global solution for so many disorders resultant from actual political limitations and differences. 

In the case of being possible: 
What would be their areas and characteristic environments?

What would be their natural resources? Weather , Water Balance, Soils,  Minerals, Scenic Characteristics, Possible Land Uses?

Let us never forget the song:

¨Between your town and mine, there´s a dot and a dash
With so many points and dashes, the map is a telegram
Between your town and mine, there´s a dot and a dash
So your hunger and mine, are well separed¨.

This proposal is challenge invitation to global enthusiast geographers so to compose together a thematic geography of the world with what has been already analiced by so many experts, so to determine with the best quality, the Physical, Climatic, Biological and Resources Characteristics of each big basin that could be a Watershed Country in our Watershed World.
Infant mortality as poverty indicator
As searching can´t find a map yet of such idea, I suggest to start understanding as nations  the bigger basins shown in the first map of this post.
Wealth per capita

As am not expert but an experienced idoneous of local geography, I invite you to seek on the map and find if it results feasible for the purpose. Hear of any suggestions of what should be changed in case of finding better limits than expressed for Watershed countries, particularly in the smaller scale basins, if any conflict of size and resource is met.
Thanks for your attention.

alejandro barzi
laguna de Salamín
El Hoyo - Chubut - Argentina
April 9 of 2013 

PD: This is a beginning. Just finished rustic raster sequences of image overlays of equal projection worldmaps. No GIS yet built with vector works of this ¨imagination proposal¨ so to compose a spatial analysis, but searching slow for feasible tools and images to develop one. Mean slow because we understand we are too far in time to take this work as a reasonable proposal. Anyhow feel good to install theme and to open this debate if it hasn´t  been attended yet. If anyone has met any open source of global mapping information that could help, and very probably i have not find, we will thank your advice. Prefer by far not to duplicate efforts at all. If this kind of work has been already done, please let me know, and where to find it. Will be very happy to know and support it. 
Thanks again.

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